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Limbo hitting PS3 July 19, PC August 2

[UPDATE] Playdead's dark side-scroller dated for Sony's console in two weeks, PC in early August.


Playdead's award-winning side-scroller Limbo was awarded critical plaudits for its thoughtful puzzles and striking aesthetics when it was released a year ago this month only on Xbox Live. Now--as was expected--PlayStation 3 gamers will finally be able to try it out in just two weeks.

Limbo brings its black and white puzzles to the PS3 in two weeks.
Limbo brings its black and white puzzles to the PS3 in two weeks.

Playdead cofounder Dino Patti wrote on the PlayStation Blog today that Limbo will arrive for the PS3 on July 19, with a European release date pegged for July 20. The game is expected in Japan and the rest of Asia "soon."

Additionally, Limbo's soundtrack will be made available to purchase through iTunes next Monday, July 11. A PC version of the game has been confirmed, but Playdead has yet to announce when it will arrive.

[UPDATE] According to Limbo's official website, the game will arrive on the PC through Steam on August 2 worldwide.

Limbo is a puzzle platformer that has players controlling a silhouette of a boy searching for his sister throughout various dreary chapters and dark environments. The game doesn't have loading screens once it is started and progresses through reaching various checkpoints.

For more on the title, check out GameSpot's review of Limbo for the Xbox 360.

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