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Life Is Strange: True Colors Chapter 4 Guide - Pike's Fear, Telling Riley About Eleanor

In the penultimate chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors, you'll have to make certain decisions in order to get the game's "good" ending.

In Chapter 4, Life is Strange: True Colors begins accelerating towards its conclusion. This is a rollercoaster of a chapter, where many of your choices and decisions up to this moment begin to take effect. But there are more to make, especially if you want to get True Colors' "good" ending. You need to end this chapter having made specific decisions in regards to Duckie, Eleanor, and Pike. You can lose their loyalty here if you're not careful.

On a more positive note, Chapter 4 is where your efforts to romance Ryan or Steph can finally bear fruit. If you've been gunning for Alex to enter a relationship with one or the other, your hard work is about to pay off. You do have to make one more choice though, and it's missable, so make sure you don't forget about it. That and the rest of the important decisions you have to make are listed below.

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Duckie's Sadness Puzzle [Missable]

At the festival, you can find Duckie off on his own. If you try to talk to him, he'll be dismissive, but if you read his emotions, you'll see that he's sad and then get the option of picking out blue highlighted objects in the environment to learn why he's sad.

You're looking for a bear, a table, and a jukebox--all of which will tell you who Tabitha is and why Duckie is sad about her. Go back to Duckie and ask him to dance with you--he and Alex will then share a wonderfully wholesome moment together. You need to do this in order to get True Colors' "good" ending.

Telling Riley About Eleanor [Missable]

Also at the festival, you can talk to Eleanor. If you read her emotions, you'll see that she's sad and learn that Riley is leaving Haven (assuming you followed our guide for Chapter 3 and chose to not tell Riley about Eleanor's condition).

You can quickly leave the festival and go find Riley at the bridge leading out of town. She's set to go off to college--this is one final moment to say goodbye, which you should take. This also presents another moment for you to tell her about Eleanor. Remember: Don't do it. You need to prove to Eleanor that you're a trustworthy person to get the game's "good" ending and that means keeping her secret.

Giving A Rose To Someone [Missable]

Returning to the festival, you'll see that there's a lot of optional tasks you can complete. The one that you definitely don't want to miss is giving a rose to someone. This basically locks you into the romance of your choice, so decide whether you want to give the rose to Steph or Ryan.

Personally, we recommend Steph (we think her romance with Alex is better) but we won't judge you for going with Ryan. Once you've given your person of choice a rose, you can read their emotions to see how they took your confession. The person you chose will also ask to meet with you after the festival, which you should definitely do.

A Future With Steph [Missable]

You will only be able to get these choices if you chose to romance Steph. If you didn't flirt with her and give her a rose, then this section doesn't apply to you.

When you meet up with Steph, she'll excitedly tell you that she's leaving Haven to go on tour and that she wants you to go with her. She'll ask if you want to go with her to Berlin, Salem, or the ocean. Your choice doesn't matter--you'll just get different dialogue depending on where you say you want to go.

After that, you'll have the option to kiss or hug Steph. You've made it this far, kiss the girl.

A Future With Ryan [Missable]

You will only be able to get these choices if you chose to romance Ryan. If you didn't flirt with him and give him a rose, then this section doesn't apply to you.

When you meet up with Ryan, he'll ask you to stay in Haven with him. With Steph leaving Haven, you could take over her duties at the record store, but Ryan also floats the possibility of you working at the Black Lantern full-time--basically taking over Gabe's job. Your choice won't impact the story beyond getting different dialogue.

After that, you'll have the option to kiss or hug Ryan. You've made it this far, kiss the guy.

Signing Typhon's Affidavit Or Taking Pike's Fear [Mandatory]

You're likely riding high going into Chapter 4, which fans of the Life is Strange franchise will tell you is basically a guarantee that something really, really bad is about to happen. And oh boy, does True Colors take a turn at the end of Chapter 4.

When confronted with the choice of signing Typhon's affidavit--so you won't be able to investigate the company any further--or taking away Pike's fear so that he'll help you investigate, you've got no great options. Option 1 means that Typhon gets away with it, but it ensures the company won't hurt Ryan and Steph, and Option 2 means you gain an ally, but your current allies will remain in danger.

Go with Option 2 and take away Pike's fear. It will make Alex feel that fear but more importantly it will ensure that Pike is brave enough to stand up for you later on in the story, ensuring you can get the "good" ending. And regardless of whether you're feeling brave or fearful, you can't stop what's coming next anyway.

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