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Life Is Strange: True Colors Chapter 5 Guide - Dream Puzzle, Confronting Jed

Life is Strange True Colors ends on an emotional note, as all of your choices from Chapters 1-4 culminate into one of several different endings.

Congrats! You've made it to the end of Life is Strange: True Colors. There aren't many major choices to make in Chapter 5: "Side B" as this chapter delivers on the consequences of your actions. There is, however, one missable choice you'll need to make in order to determine what ending Alex gets. There's an escape room puzzle you have to beat too.

True Colors can end in several different ways and most of those endings are dependent on decisions you made in Chapters 1-4. So if you're unsatisfied with how Alex's journey ends, you'll need to go back and replay the game. Thankfully, True Colors isn't all that long--you can knock out the game in one or two sittings if you want to. You can also replay certain chapters without affecting Alex's story if you want to go back and nab any Achievements/Trophies that you missed.

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Chapter 5: "Side B" Walkthrough

Alex's Dream Puzzle [Mandatory]

After falling down the mineshaft, Alex has a dream of being locked in the office where she started the game--this is a dream-based escape room, so you'll need to use clues in the environment in order to find your way out.

If you're having trouble, follow these steps to get out of the room.

  1. Try the door, only for the doorknob to not work
  2. Inspect the guitar case, which will reveal that the case doesn't recognize you and needs your "true" identity
  3. Inspect the file on the desk, revealing that Alex perceives herself as a patient with mental and emotional baggage, and her patient number is 53322
  4. Inspect the number lock on the guitar case and enter Alex's "true" identity--since you're Patient 53322, the combination needed is 53322
  5. Take out the guitar--Alex will notice she can't play it since it's not correctly tuned
  6. Inspect the photos on the wall, Alex will take note that one is of a tuning peg for a guitar--removing the photo from the wall causes a real tuning peg to fall into your hand
  7. Go back to the guitar--Alex can now play it, which allows you to get out of the room

What Alex Wants [Mandatory]

After going through Alex's backstory, the memory of Gabe has some words of wisdom for Alex. He also asks Alex what she wants for her future, with your choices boiling down to wanting to play music, wanting to belong somewhere, or wanting to help people.

This may seem like it's locking you down a specific path but it's not. It will inform the dialogue in following conversations but this choice will not fundamentally alter the ending to Alex's journey. So pick whichever choice speaks to you and the Alex that you're playing.

Confronting Jed [Mandatory]

Time to confront Jed over what he did to you in the final moments of Chapter 4. How your confrontation with him plays out will highly depend on what choices you've made in the game thus far. If you've been following our guides, you should get the "good" outcome. But that leaves the lingering question: Do you condemn Jed for his actions or forgive him?

Neither option has major consequences on the outcome of the story, so it really depends on just how much you want to twist the metaphorical knife that Alex stabs into Jed's heart during this confrontation. As far as we can tell, True Colors never outright states whether Alex's forgiveness in this moment is sincere, so you could argue that forgiving Jed can be read as either the "good" or "bad" choice. Maybe she's being sincere or maybe she's saying the one thing that she knows will show how much of a monster Jed is.

Forgiving Ryan [Missable]

This choice will only pop up if you romanced Ryan. Following the vote, he will show up at Alex's door. If he sided with Alex and her accusations against his father, then he will hug Alex and everything is fine. However, if he doesn't (which is highly possible as you need to do a lot of things right to get him to side with you), he will show up at your door, begging for forgiveness. You then get to decide whether Alex forgives him or not.

This choice does have an impact on the ending of True Colors. There are six possible endings to the game, and the biggest influence to what ending you get is whether Alex is dating someone. So it's up to you: Do you want Ryan in Alex's life or would you prefer she face her future solo?

Alex's Future [Mandatory]

This is the last choice you make in True Colors. You must decide whether Alex stays in Haven or pursues a life of adventure. There is no bad choice here--just decide how you want the game to end. Depending on who you romanced, as well as who left Haven and who stayed, the ending of True Colors can play out in a few different ways. But there's nothing you can do to change that now. You've made all the choices you could--time to see how Alex's story plays out.

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