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Lies Of P: Best Wishstones

You'll want to keep your cube filled with useful Wishstones--but which ones are best?


Lies of P follows in the footsteps of previous Soulslike games in many ways, ensuring that genre fans feel right at home in its sinister, dangerous world. However, it also brings some clever new ideas to the table that help keep the experience feeling fresh. One of these unique features is the Cube and its various Wishstones you can equip to it, granting temporary healing or boons when used that can turn the tide of a battle in mere moments.

While a Wishstone can only be used once, you can always buy more from Giangio at Hotel Krat for a few Gold Coin Fruits. But Gold Coin Fruits take time to grow and pick, so you'll still want to be sure you're making the best possible choice to equip in your Cube. Here are our picks for the best Wishstones in Lies of P.

Best Wishstones in Lies of P

There are 13 total Wishstones, all of which are useful in specific situations. However, we feel these five are generally top-tier options for most scenarios.

Friendship Wishstone

The Friendship Wishstone will heal your spectre during boss battles. Given the difficulty of some of these end-of-area encounters, inviting a spectre into your game can make a huge difference, but they can die if the boss focuses on them too often. Being able to heal them can ensure that they can keep tanking and dishing out damage while you do your thing.

Recovery Wishstone

The Recovery Wishstone will heal you in small increments for a short period of time. This is a helpful Wishstone to keep around while exploring new areas, as it's possible you could run out of Pulse Charges and need that extra bit of health until you can earn back a charge. It's also a good option for just passively recharging your health during boss battles when you want to conserve your Pulse Charges.

Giangio can sell you more Wishstones in exchange for Gold Coin Fruits.
Giangio can sell you more Wishstones in exchange for Gold Coin Fruits.

Frenzy Wishstone

The Frenzy Wishstone increases your spectre's damage for a while. Much like the Friendship Wishstone, this Wishstone can be very useful in boss battles by giving your summoned companion some extra bloodlust. If you're struggling against a boss, just remember that every bit of damage a spectre dishes out is damage you won't have to do yourself.

Courage Wishstone

The Courage Wishstone increases how quickly your charge your Fable bar. You'll likely use your Fable attacks pretty frequently against tough elite enemies and bosses, so keeping this Wishstone around can ensure that you keep those attacks primed and ready to go more often--which, of course, means more damage.

Advance Wishstone

The Advance Wishstone restores some of your Legion bar. This is an especially great option for Legion-focused builds, obviously, but it can serve a purpose for anyone in the right fight. For instance, you could stumble on encounters where you may require a few extra shots for your Falcon Eyes Legion, or you may sometimes need to bolster your defensive capabilities with more Aegis Legion uses.

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