Lego: The Last of Us video is very well done, most likely never going to happen

From the man who created the Lego: Breaking Bad video comes a new mock-up for Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic game.

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Danish toy company Lego has made a name for itself for being family friendly, but a new Lego: The Last of Us mock-up video from animator Brian Anderson is decidedly not so.

Anderson does not work for Naughty Dog or Traveller's Tales, but in the video he demonstrates a strong knowledge of how the Lego and Last of Us worlds could conceivably come together.

The video features main characters Joel and Ellie, as well as the Clicker enemies players encounter throughout The Last of Us. The clip also includes elements from the game like crafting and the camera switching to a cinematic style while performing executions and take-downs.

The Lego: The Last of Us video has drawn the praise of Naughty Dog copresident Evan Wells, who said on Twitter, "This is awesome." The Naughty Dog Twitter account re-tweeted it.

Fans holding out for a real Lego: The Last of Us are likely to be left wanting. First, The Last of Us is not a family friendly franchise; and second, Lego games are typically only made when there is a physical toyset to pair them with.

Anderson also created the Lego: Breaking Bad mock-up, which has tallied more than 1.7 million views so far.

The most recent Lego game for consoles was Lego: Marvel Super Heroes. Traveller's Tales is currently working on Lego: The Hobbit for release in 2014.

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