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Lego Just Unveiled Its Largest Set Yet, Which Hopefully Won't Sink

The Lego Titanic releases November 8 and features a staggering 9,090 pieces.


You might not have a shelf that's large enough for Lego's latest set. Lego just revealed an appropriately massive kit centered around the most (in)famous ship of all time: the Titanic. The Lego Titanic comes in at a whopping 9,090 pieces. The full build will stretch 53 inches in length. Unsurprisingly, the Lego Titanic is extremely pricey at $630. It'll be available for purchase exclusively at the Lego Store starting November 8, and we'd guess that stock will be extremely limited.

It has a few interactive components to it as well. If you turn the propellers, the piston engines turn inside the ship. You can also raise and lower the anchor and tinker with the the masts.

Lego hasn't stated if the Titanic model can float, but if it's anything like the real-life ship, it'll be impossible to sink! The set does not come with an iceberg.

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