Lee 'Life' Seung Hyun wins Dreamhack Bucharest

The world's largest LAN travels to Bucharest once more as part of their regular Dreamhack Open circuit.


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Upcoming Schedule:

Sunday 27th of April 2014Results
FINISHED: Impact vs. Ryung2-1
FINISHED: HyuN vs. Snute0-2
FINISHED: Zanster vs. Jaedong0-2
FINISHED: INnoVation vs. Welmu2-1
FINISHED: ToD vs. Bunny0-2
FINISHED: Leenock vs. Life1-2
FINISHED: jjakji vs. StarDust1-2
FINISHED: MC vs. Impact0-2
FINISHED: Snute vs. Jaedong1-2
FINISHED: INnoVation vs. Bunny2-0
FINISHED: Life vs. StarDust2-1
FINISHED: Jaedong vs. Impact1-2
FINISHED: INnoVation vs. Life1-2
FINISHED: LIfe vs. Impact3-0

Image Credit: Dreamhack

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