Learn how Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive came to be and what it's all about

We speak with developers at Insomniac Games about their upcoming open-world game.


Sunset Overdrive
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Resistance and Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games is taking quite a new approach for its upcoming Xbox One-exclusive open-world game Sunset Overdrive. You can read our written preview of the game that details the strange bird that it is, but we now also have a video interview with the game's key developers.

In the video above, Insomniac Games developers including CEO Ted Price, creative director Marcus Smith, and game director Drew Murray speak about the original pitch for Sunset Overdrive, why it's not a children's game, and the important role fast-paced traversal will play.

"We've learned over the years not to be afraid of failure. We fail all the time, whether it's on a grand scale or a micro scale," Price says. "But the key is never to stop trying different things, because then you stagnate and you don't learn from your failures. And certainly on this project, we tried a lot of things that didn't work."

Sunset Overdrive launches later this year only on Xbox One. For more, be sure to read GameSpot's previous coverage.

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