Layoffs at Lord of the Rings Online and Infinite Crisis developer

An undisclosed amount of people lose their jobs at Turbine.

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Warner Bros. has announced a round of job cuts at US studio Turbine, the developers in charge of MMO The Lord of the Rings Online and the upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis.

An undisclosed amount of people were let go from the studio, which Warner Bros. acquired back in 2010.

"As part of our normal business process, we’re routinely looking at the strategic alignment of our company," confirmed Warner Bros. in a statement to Gamasutra. "Unfortunately, in order for us to invest in growth areas at Turbine, we have to eliminate some positions."

"These are always tough decisions, which we don’t approach lightly, but it’s crucial that Turbine is structured in a way that reflects the current and coming marketplace."

Turbine was founded in 1994 and has also previously worked on the Asheron's Call series and Dungeons & Dragons Online.

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