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Latest Fortnite Event Has Big Hole Forming In The Map

Something's trying to break through, but what is it?


As Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 approaches, Epic Games has begun teasing what players can expect in the game's next installment. A new NPC named Odyssey has appeared in Ruined Reels making cryptic references to something under the surface of the world, and almost on cue, a massive hole has appeared--and grows every hour--just to the south of her position. What's going on here?

Odyssey first appeared earlier this week, along with the new Odyssey quests which sees players building a mosaic using pieces found after opening chests and downing opponents--a mosaic featuring the three heads of a canine beast. The hole appeared soon after, and with every passing hour, the hole and the cracks around it grow larger.

This, in turn, has created a neat community moment where players gather to see what the hole will do next, even in solo battle royale matches. Scenes have appeared around social media of players joining together and dancing around the hole, as they wait for whatever is going to emerge from it to appear.

So, what's going on? On the surface, Odyssey and the happenings around her are all pointing to a Greek-mythology-themed Season 2, which has been heavily rumored in recent weeks. Odyssey is dressed as a Greek warrior, and her name is an obvious reference to the famous writing by the Greek poet Homer. The three-headed dog in the mosaic, meanwhile, points to Cerberus, the guard dog of the underworld in Greek lore--though we're unsure what it's specifically referencing in the Fortnite universe.

This leaves the ever-growing hole in the ground, which is where the Fortnite datamining community comes in: According to them, a massive glowing arm is due to emerge from the hole, with a treasure chest hanging from the hand via a chain. Players will then be tasked with hitting the chain with a pickaxe to release the chest--only for it to be revealed as the Fortnite version of Pandora's Box, making players indirectly responsible for whatever--or whoever--emerges.

The hole in the ground is not the first time Epic Games has employed gradual in-game changes to its massive battle royale. A few other examples include the rocket launch in Chapter 1 Season 4, the journey of Kevin The Cube in Chapter 1 Season 6, and the creation of The Aftermath in Chapter 2, Season 8.

Fortnite is available to download now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.

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