Kya: Dark Lineage E3 2003 Preshow Report

Atari releases new information on the upcoming action adventure game from Eden Studios.


Kya: Dark Lineage

Atari has today released new information on Kya: Dark Lineage, which is currently in development for the PlayStation 2 at Eden Studios. In the game, you'll assume the role of a young girl named Kya who is searching for her lost brother and a way back home for the two of them. As we've reported previously, you'll encounter a tribe known as the Nativs who are being oppressed by the menacing wolfen army of Brazul.

It's been revealed today that any Nativs you manage to free from their mystical imprisonment will return to the Nativ city and open shops at which you'll be able to by power-ups and new abilities. The game will purportedly feature an extensive and intricate monetary system, although specific details of the game's currency and how you'll go about getting your hands on any of it have not been released at this time.

Kya: Dark Lineage will consist of nine massive environments, in which you'll get to take on around 34 principal and side quests, as well as participate in time-sensitive challenges and both single- and multiplayer minigames. As you're confronted by enemies in the game, you'll be able to fight them using melee weapons, magical abilities, and an upgradeable boomerang complete with a sniper mode and the ability to unlock hidden areas.

In addition to encountering enemies as you progress through the game, you can expect to come across a number of wild animals--many of which you'll be able to steal, tame, and even ride. Today's press release also makes mention of the fact that you'll get to take flights on wind currents and brave unbelievable acrobatic free falls as you near the Fortress of Brazul.

Kya: Dark Lineage is currently scheduled for release in November. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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