Korean Starcraft II community come together to support HyuN

After disastrous recent events, Golden helms a 4-man initiative to help raise over $20000 for HyuN


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Though top-tier esports professionals are more than capable of garnering 6-figure incomes, most are left to contend with salaries not unalike those given to the Average Joe. Which is not necessarily a bad thing most of the time. However, problems arise when questionable behaviour enters the equation. Ko 'HyuN' Seok Hyun, a Korean Starcraft II behaviour that previously served on Quantic Gaming's roster, has not received his $2200 salary for months now, a problem further compounded by the fact that Quantic Gaming's owner Simon Boudreault recently went off the grid.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel for HyuN, however. Former Quantic Gaming player Jo 'Golden' Myeong Hwan launched an attempt at helping HyuN recoup his losses. Along with the beleagured player himself, Golden will be casting two matches on January 3rd at 07:00 PDT on Hyun's Twitch channel. The first match will have myi.Jjakji and myi.Stardust duking it out while the second will feature MC and AZUBU Symbol. Donations from the public are obviously extremely welcomed.

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