Konosuba Finally Has An English Dub, And Here's Where You Can Watch It

Dubs for several other series as well.


Crunchyroll has announced more dubs for several of the series on its streaming service. Most notable is Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World Season 1, which is getting a new English dub, as well as dubs in Spanish and Portuguese.

In the English dub cast, Konosuba's main protagonist Kazuma is voiced by Arnie Pantoja, who's appeared in One-Punch Man and Re:Zero. The ladies Kazuma is accompanied by--Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness--are portrayed by Faye Mata, Erica Mendez, and Cristina Vee respectfully. Mata is also in Re:Zero, as baby Rem, and portrays Rider of Black in Fate/Apocrypha. Mendez has a huge resume, portraying Kill la Kill's Ryuko, Sailor Moon's Haruka, Aggretsuko's Retsuko, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes' Melissa Shield, and many more. Vee has an equally large history in anime, voicing The Familiar of Zero's Louise, Devilman Crybaby's Miki, Fate/Zero's Sakura, and dozens of other noteworthy characters.

Along with Konosuba, new dubs are also coming for In Another World with My Smartphone, Interviews with Monster Girls, Joker Game, Orange, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, and The Ancient Magus Bride. Most of these shows are being dubbed in Spanish, French, German, or Portuguese. Konosuba is the only one getting an English dub. All of the new dubs will be available on Crunchyroll starting January 15.

New Dubs Coming To Crunchyroll

  • Konosuba Season 1 -- English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • In Another World with My Smartphone -- German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese
  • Interviews with Monster Girls -- Spanish and Portuguese
  • Joker Game -- Spanish, French, and Portuguese
  • Orange -- Spanish, French, and Portuguese
  • Recovery of an MMO Junkie -- Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German
  • The Ancient Magus Bride -- German, Spanish, and Portuguese

Crunchyroll has also announced the next slate of new anime to join its Winter 2019 season. Both Rinshi!! Ekodachan and Rainy Cocoa SideG begin airing on January 8. The former is about a temp worker who lives in the countryside and "doesn't care much about guys" but does all she can to support the women in her community. The latter is a slice of life story about a woman who manages a cafe after being recruited to pay back a vase she broke. Another anime debuts on January 9, titled My Roommate is a Cat, which follows the adorable every day lives of a man and his cat.

Konosuba is one of the most popular comedies on Crunchyroll, first airing in the Winter 2016 season. The series follows the hilarious exploits of Kazuma Satō, a high school student who's killed and offered the chance to be reborn in a fantasy world. The goddess, Aqua, who's responsible for his resurrection is also extremely arrogant and teases Kazuma for dying embarrassingly, so when she tells him he's allowed to bring something of his choice with him to his new life, he takes revenge by forcing her to join him. Life in the new world is not kind to either of them, and things become even worse when they're joined by Megumin, an explosion-obsessed wizard who can only fire off one spell before she collapses from exhaustion, and Darkness, a masochistic crusader who can't even strike a still target. The story plays out in a series of fast-paced skits that also poke fun at MMO and RPG mechanics and quests.

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