Konami 1st Annual Gamers Day: Shadow of Destiny

Konami had its upcoming PS2 adventure game on display at its first annual Gamers' Day event. We have impressions.


Shadow of Destiny

Among the throng of high-profile games Konami had on display stood Shadow of Destiny, a novel adventure game that the company has been lightly promoting for the past few months. The game stars one Eike Kusch, a young man on a time-hopping quest to undo his own death. Unlike the majority of console adventures, Shadow of Destiny is light on combat, instead focusing on aspects of exploration, puzzle solving, and interaction.

The demo shown by Konami this afternoon focused on the game's thick narrative, and its heavy cinematic feel. The cut-scenes Konami played revealed several of the game's themes: Eike is searching for the fabled Philosopher's Stone, an artifact long sought by practitioners of alchemy. With the help of the stone, Eike will presumably be able to undo his death, and rejoin consensus reality.

For more information on the game, check out our extensive preview coverage. Shadow of Destiny is slated for a March 2001 release.

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