Kojima would like to work on Silent Hill - Is he a good fit for the series?

Metal Gear Solid creator says he'd like to direct a new entry in the series one day, but would need to prepare himself for having daily nightmares.

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What might Hideo Kojima do after he wraps up development on Metal Gear Solid V? He offered some insight into that very topic today during a Twitch Q&A session, where he revealed he would like to work on a new Silent Hill title or even a mobile game some day.

Asked what franchise he would like to direct or reboot if he had the chance, Kojima said he'd like to take a stab at the supernatural horror Silent Hill franchise. "Hopefully sometime in the future I am able to work on this," Kojima said through a translator.

The Silent Hill franchise is known for its horror elements and it sounds like if Kojima ever took the reins to the series, he would dial up the terror level even further. He said he would need to prepare himself to have daily (real-life) nightmares while developing the game.

The most recent Silent Hill game was 2012's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game Silent Hill: Downpour. The franchise is published by Konami--which is Kojima's current employer. Konami's president previously even reached out directly to Kojima about working on a new installment in the series.

Also during the Q&A, Kojima was asked if he would some day like to make a mobile game. He said indeed he would, and is interested specifically in making a "very practical free-to-play adventure game" that is "quite deep." However, it doesn't sound like it's going to happen anytime soon.

"I have no idea when I'll be able to do this, but maybe some day in the future," he said.

Kojima ruled out puzzle and card games because he's "not too interested in those kinds of games." The veteran designer recently said that children today, especially in Japan, have become less interested in AAA games due to the rise in smartphone gaming.

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