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Kojima Developing What Sounds Like A Metal Gear Game Without The Metal Gear Name

Kojima is staying in business with Sony.


Kojima Productions is teaming up with Sony for yet another game. As part of the January 2024 State of Play broadcast, Hideo Kojima announced that he is creating a new action-espionage game for PlayStation. That sounds like Metal Gear, albeit without officially using that name--instead, the game's working title is Physint.

He said he cannot say much about the game right now, but promises it will use "cutting-edge" technology and talent from around the world. It's an interactive experience but Kojima also described it as a game and a movie at the same time. The game has the lofty ambition of transcending the barrier between film and video games, Kojima said.

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This is a new, original IP, Kojima clarified, so it's not part of some established universe. Kojima said that "preparations are underway" to make this game, but development will not begin in earnest until Death Stranding: On The Beach ships in 2025.

Kojima Productions is also developing Death Stranding 2 for PlayStation, as well as a new Xbox game called OD.

During the State of Play broadcast, Kojima also showed a lot more of Death Stranding 2: On The Beach by way of an extensive trailer that was loaded with teases for what's to come.

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