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Kirsten Dunst Says Filming Iconic Spider-Man Kiss Was "Miserable"

Dunst said it was pouring rain and freezing cold, and Tobey Maguire could barely breathe in the Spider-Man suit.


Actress Kirsten Dunst has commented on the iconic kiss that she and Tobey Maguire shared for 2002's Spider-Man, saying filming it was "kind of miserable."

Appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show (via Variety), Dunst said the conditions were far from ideal when the kiss was filmed. "It was pouring with rain, freezing, Tobey couldn't breathe so it was almost like I was resuscitating him," she said.

In the scene, Maguire is suspended upside-down as Spider-Man, with Dunst's Mary Jane pulling his mask down to kiss him on the lips. It's an emotional, memorable scene, but clearly it wasn't very fun to film for Dunst.

She also shared that director Sam Raimi gave her a book of "famous kisses" to help inspire her. She said Raimi "really wanted to make it special," despite the conditions it was filmed under.

Dunst came back to play MJ again in Spider-Man 2 and for a third time in Spider-Man 3. Asked if she would come back to play MJ again, Dunst recently said she would because the role pays good money.

Dunst's latest project is the movie Civil War, which releases in theaters this April. The Alex Garland film depicts a future version of America on the brink of civil war, with Dunst playing a photojournalist covering what's going down.

"When I read the script, I thought, 'I've never done anything like this,'" Dunst said. "I just love that [Garland is] someone who pushes boundaries."

As for the Spider-Man series, Sandman actor Thomas Hayden Church recently said he believes Raimi and Maguire are up to make another Spider-Man film. Whether or not this is actually going to happen, or if Dunst could be a part of it, remains to be seen.

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