Killzone: Shadow Fall goes gold, as dev talks of improved texture quality and framerate

Killzone: Shadow Fall has "come a long way" since its February unveiling, says developer.

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Killzone: Shadow Fall has gone gold, according to staff at developer Guerrilla Games.

The PlayStation 4 launch title will be an important piece in Sony's next-gen battle with Microsoft's Xbox One following the delay of high-profile titles Driveclub and the multiplatform Watch Dogs into 2014.

In a recent interview with GameTrailers, head of technology Michiel van der Leeuw also said Killzone: Shadow Fall's texture quality has increased by approximately four times since the game was first unveiled alongside the PlayStation 4 in February.

“Since the PlayStation Meeting, the lighting has improved, the frame rate has improved, there have been a lot of changes to character animation and streaming, and texture quality is now about four times higher than it was back then, so it’s come a long way," said Leeuw.

A public multiplayer trial for Killzone: Shadow Fall will also be running on December 28 and 29, allowing those who unwrap a PlayStation 4 on Christmas to experience the mode.

The PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15 in North America for $399, and on November 29 in Europe for £349.

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