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Ken Levine Has No Plans To Retire But Hopes To Make Judas Follow-Up Faster

"I have no interest in retiring."


BioShock designer Ken Levine has said he has no plans to retire, saying he wants to keep making games for as long as people will keep paying him to make them. Speaking to IGN, Levine said making games is "so central to my life," and he doesn't plan to walk away anytime soon.

There was a huge time gap of 10+ years between Levine's last game, BioShock Infinite, and his new one, Judas. So if he keeps making games after Judas, he said he hopes the next title won't need to bake as long before it's ready.

"I have no interest in retiring. So as long as people continue to give me money to make games, I think I'm going to make them. And maybe one day I'll have a change of heart. But it's so central to my life," he said. "Outside of my family and my wife and my dog and my friends, it is really where I find meaning and it's how I express myself."

Levine went on to say he feels especially fortunate because many artists "struggle in complete isolation" and no one ever sees their work. "So I'm always grateful I come to work, grateful every day that I get to do this, that I get to make games, that I get to work with creative people who inspire me and surprise me and amaze me," he said.

Levine, who is 57, says making games doesn't get any easier with age, but he is prepared to take on the challenge.

"You can't let fear drive you. I think as an artist you just gotta make the right thing," he said.

Levine did acknowledge that the road to release for Judas was a "long time." However, Levine said his team at Ghost Story Games now has a "system" in place that should allow for the company's next game to be developed in a "much more truncated period."

Judas is in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, though a release date has not yet been announced. For lots more, check out GameSpot's video feature above that explains what Judas, a narrative-focused FPS, is all about.

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