KAZooK, PSPs to party like mad

Odd party game from Monte Cristo features minigames with sumo wrestlers, zombies, beach babes, gangster rappers; no US release yet announced.


Most party games involve simple sessions of button mashing, minor maneuvering, and general mayhem. As such, the real personality of the games rely heavily on the cast of characters.

Plumbers and princesses have been done (Mario Party series), as have monkeys in and out of plastic balls (Super Monkey Ball series and Ape Escape Academy). For its upcoming party game, developer Monte Cristo decided to snag just about everything that's left over.

The PSP game KAZooK, set for release in Europe this October, boasts a roster of 16 eclectic playable characters. Over KAZooK's 30 minigames, partygoers will be able to try on the bling of gangster rappers, black eyeliner of goth girls, diapers of sweaty sumo wrestlers, and cool street duds of some "cool street dudes."

Three solo game modes are available for parties of one, and Wi-Fi multiplayer supports ragers of two. For those who like to share, the game features five minigames that can be played with just one UMD disc over two PSPs through the game-sharing function.

Publisher Xplosiv has not yet announced any plans to release the game outside of Europe.

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