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Just As Dead Island 2 Launches, Dying Light 2 Update Mimics Its Marquee Feature

This comes as part of the Gut Feeling update.


Dying Light 2: Stay Human just received its free Gut Feeling update across all platforms, which offers an enhanced combat system that feels more brutal than before. This new feature--which sounds not unlike a key aspect of Dead Island 2--launches just a day before that game's release.

As part of the Gut Feeling update, Dying Light 2 players will be able to dismember zombies' limbs, increasing the gore-factor by a significant amount. Gut Feeling adds various new animations that aim for the utmost in brutality.

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This updated combat system is reminiscent of what players can expect from upcoming zombie action game Dead Island 2, which launches on April 21. In Dead Island 2, players can hack and slash away at different zombie limbs, offering a gruesome experience.

Techland, the developer of Dying Light 2, is the team behind the first Dead Island, making the similarities between both games all the more conspicuous.

Along with the new gory features, Dying Light 2's Gut Feeling also adds the Pilgrim Outpost, which features bounties, a new currency system, and a way to track community events. Likewise, the update includes Gear Transmog, a feature that allows players to customize the way weapons look without harming stats. New weapon crafting options are available, as well, thanks to additional blueprints.

Finally, the Viral Rush event is live and runs until May 4. This event will serve as a major test of skill, but will reward players with Rahim Bundle, featuring two skins and a weapon.

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