Jumpgate update

NetDevil reveals what will be included in the next patch for its online space sim, as well as what lies in the game's future.


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Colorado-based game developer NetDevil has revealed what will be included in the upcoming feature update for Jumpgate, its online space sim that was released by 3DO in September. The update will add a variety of improvements to the game, including new exploration activities, new ship classes for each faction, new gun system balances, a new sector, and new equipment. The new update is currently in the testing phase and will be released later this month.

The company also announced some of its plans for next year. Some of the features it intends to add to the game in 2002 include player-owned stations and resources, corvette-class ships, advanced conflux, cloaking, new life forms, pirating technologies, and new space weather.

Jumpgate is a massively multiplayer sci-fi space simulation that incorporates a number of role-playing elements, such as character development and levels. The game is set in a persistent online universe where players can join one of three different competing factions and engage in trade, combat, and a variety of other activities. For more information, read our full review of the game and visit the official Jumpgate Web site.

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