JoWood ships Cultures 2

Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard, an RTS steeped in Norse mythology, is now shipping in North America.


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JoWood has announced that Cultures 2 is now shipping to retailers in North America. Like the original Cultures , this real-time strategy game is heavily steeped in Norse mythology, and it puts players in the role of Bjarni, a Viking hero. Bjarni and his Viking companions must undertake a journey that spans three continents and 11 missions.

In contrast to most other RTS games, Cultures 2 gives players the choice of either fighting the other people they encounter or making them trading partners and allies. The core of the game involves effectively managing resources and developing the tribesmen who keep the settlement going. Every Viking warrior and worker develops as time goes on, gaining skills in 30 occupations. Bjarni serves as a hero and is very useful in combat, but he won't have to lead the tribe by himself, as the player can recruit up to three additional heroes.

Cultures 2 will soon arrive in North American retail stores. For more information, take a look at our Cultures of the game.

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