John Woo options Metroid movie

Director John Woo confirms that he has optioned the movie rights to Nintendo's popular Metroid series.


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According to a recent Reuters report, director John Woo has optioned the movie rights to Nintendo's popular Metroid series. Details on the movie are scarce at present, but it's believed that the storyline will focus on Samus Aran's origins, as well as her subsequent battles with the Metroids and Mother Brain.

"We are very fortunate that there is such an extensive amount of material to draw upon for the film, due to there being so many iterations of the game over the years," said Woo.

The movie rights for the Metroid series were originally optioned by producers Warren Zide and Craig Perry in January of last year but were allowed to expire. Woo's game studio, Tiger Hill Games, stepped in to option the rights from Nintendo when they became available again.

"We have to assume the mainstream audience is unfamiliar with the property," said producer Brad Foxhoven. "As for the rest of the film, we will stay true to the game and [will] have Samus battling the Metroids and Mother Brain in a fight for control of the galaxy."

We'll bring you more information on Woo's Metroid movie plans as soon as it becomes available.

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