Jim Perkins Forms Episodic Games Provider

FormGen founder's new company will release games one episode at a time.


Jim Perkins, the founder of FormGen Inc. and former senior vice president of GT Interactive, announced the creation of World Entertainment Broadcasting Corp (WEB Corp) on Monday. The company will be focused on the distribution of episodic interactive games and other media, or what the company calls "Webisodic" content. Perkins has used the episodic shareware model before when he released well-known games such as Doom, Warcraft, and Duke Nukem.

According to Perkins, the episodic model will allow developers more freedom to create organic storylines, plot twists, and cliffhangers. He believes the episodic series will make Internet entertainment more mainstream, in the same way it has popularized television.

Web Corp plans to announce partnership agreements with some of the top PC and console studios (including Sunstorm Interactive), as well as major web portals and Internet service providers. According to Sunstorm, its partnership with Web Corp will revolutionize the way the company brings new games to the consumer.

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