Japan Prepares for Mana

TOKYO - Square's latest RPG, Legend of Mana, earns in-store hype and positive Famitsu reviews.


TOKYO - In our travels to game stores around the city, we've been constantly reminded of one thing: Mana is coming this week. From posters to flyers, Legend of Mana artwork is currently gracing stores everywhere, and with good reason - this latest Square RPG carries with it much hype, especially due to its four demos, showcasing the company's larger titles for later this year. These include Vagrant Story, Chrono Trigger 2, Front Mission 3, and Dew Prism.

One of the featured reviews in this week's edition of Famitsu is for Legend of Mana. The game earned scores of 8, 8, 8, and 7 - a total of 31 out of 40.

We'll be back with full impressions on Legend of Mana, along with its high profile demos, later this week.

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