James Bond's New Beer Ad Plays Out Like a Classic 007 Movie

Old-school Bond.


With the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, set for release in just over a month, 007 himself is back once again to convince you to drink Heineken.

The beer company today released a new, 90-second ad starring Daniel Craig. Much like the ads he starred in around the time Skyfall came out in 2012, this latest one includes the James Bond theme music, and Craig himself is featured prominently.

The entire ad seems to harken back to the classic Bond movies; it's not hard to imagine a jet-skiing scene playing out like this during one of the Roger Moore films, in particular. It even features at least two direct callbacks to the old movies, with the woman throwing a hat as a weapon (like Oddjob in Goldfinger) and Nick Nack (from The Man With The Golden Gun) making an appearance. All it needed was for the parasail to bear the UK flag on it.

If you're interested in a new Bond adventure whose express purpose is not to sell you beer (just Macallan whisky), Spectre releases in theaters on November 6 worldwide. It'll be out a week earlier, on October 26, in the UK.

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