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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Breaks Comedy Record With Season 15 Renewal

A Season 15 renewal makes Always Sunny a record-breaker for live action sitcoms.


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is officially breaking records with the announcement of Season 15, making it the longest running live action sitcom by season count in American TV history, FX has confirmed on social media. And, yes, the gang is going to deal with COVID-19 in one of their upcoming episodes--don't you worry.

Though it's clear the show's creators Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, and Charlie day were never gunning for an American TV record when they began their wacky comedy about a gang of screw-ups who own a bar in Philly, they have no intention of cutting things off now that they're in the history books. "For us, we just have a short checklist: Do we still enjoy it, are we still having fun, are we still stretching ourselves creatively, and is the audience still there?" McElhenney told EW. "It seems like all those boxes keep getting checked, so we keep coming back."

Meanwhile, McElhenney continues work on his own AppleTV original series, Mythic Quest, which recently debuted an emotional quarantine episode. We expect the Always Sunny crew to have a much more irreverent take on the pandemic--but we've been surprised before.

There is currently no premiere date set for Always Sunny Season 15, but expect it some time in 2021.

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