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Iron Brigade gets Martian missions

Double Fine's renamed XBLA game Trenched to receive first paid downloadable content in "Rise of the Martian Bear."


Players looking for more chances to take it to the "tubes" will be happy to hear that the newly named Iron Brigade will be getting a paid downloadable content pack. Announced today, "Rise of the Martian Bear" is set to add five new levels to the Xbox 360 game's campaign.

Trenched is getting a new name and a new planet.
Trenched is getting a new name and a new planet.

Following the events of the base game, antagonist Vlad Farnsworth downloads his consciousness into his pet bear that is then launched into space. The fight then moves to the alien landscapes of Mars for more shooter-infused tower defense action.

Iron Brigade, previously known as Trenched in the US, was renamed as Double Fine faced trademark issues with the name in Europe. To avoid potential legal complications and ensure cross-country multiplayer support, the original name is being dropped altogether in all territories. Separate from the paid DLC, a forthcoming free title update will institute the name change and include a hoardlike endless survival mode upon release.

The Rise of the Martian Bear DLC does not have a specified launch date or price. For more, see GameSpot's review of Trenched.

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