<i>Red vs. Blue</i> yuks it up on XBL

More episodes of Rooster Teeth's Halo machinima now available on XBLM; first five episodes of season one cost 80 Microsoft points each ($1).


One of the series that helped launch the machinima into the mainstream is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. Episodes one through five of Red vs. Blue can be downloaded for 80 Microsoft points ($1) apiece.

There can be no purple!
There can be no purple!

The first season of Red vs. Blue, the comedy series from Rooster Teeth Productions, uses the Halo franchise as its canvas for a tale of two factions battling out in the canyons of Blood Gulch--one of the multiplayer maps from Halo: Combat Evolved. Each episode runs three to five minutes long and touches on a number of subjects, such as the importance of capturing the flag, the Warthog's resemblance to a puma, and how tanks are good for picking up chicks.

Red vs. Blue was one of the original items available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace and welcomed users to the Xbox 360. Episodes of the spin-off series, Out of Mind, have also been featured on the online service.

For more on Red vs. Blue, check out the Rooster Teeth Productions Web site.

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