<i>Princess Bride</i> game conceivable

Cherished family adventure film set to see a downloadable interactive adaptation next spring.


Between E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial on the Atari 2600, Taxi Driver, and Street Fighter: The Movie, film-to-game adaptations don't always have fairy tale endings. However, The Hollywood Reporter has news of one adaptation for which a fairy tale ending should be entirely expected.

Whoever designed that reversible logo is a mad genius.
Whoever designed that reversible logo is a mad genius.

According to the film industry trade mag, Worldwide Biggies is making a game based on Rob Reiner's much-beloved 1987 adventure film, The Princess Bride. Details on gameplay are nonexistent, but Worldwide Biggies CEO Albie Hecht told the trade group the game would appeal to the casual audience and would be download-only upon its release. The production company is not entirely unfamiliar with the world of games, as it runs a fantasy celebrity newsmakers league and produced Spike TV's Video Game Awards.

True Love and High Adventure--The Official Princess Bride Game is set for release next spring, with a teaser trailer for it appearing on the 20th anniversary DVD for The Princess Bride, set for release November 13.

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