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Invincible Comic Series Is Getting Its First-Ever Video Game

But it's not for PC or console.


Invincible, the hit comic book series that was later adapted into a popular animated series on Prime Video, is getting its first-ever video game later this year. Coming to iOS and Android, Invincible: Guarding the Globe is a free-to-play "idle" squad-based RPG from Ubisoft's Barcelona Mobile studio.

While you won't be taking direct control of Invincible himself, you will be able to recruit, manage, and deploy heroes to defend against criminal attacks on various locations across the planet. The plot twist here? All of these crime sprees are linked and supported by clones of Invincible himself. Each squad member has a role to play on the battlefield--Attacker, defender, or Support--and it'll be up to you to assemble the best team and deploy them into "blood-soaked" fights.

So far the roster includes plenty of heavyweights from Invincible, including the titular hero himself, Atom Eve, Omni-Man, Robot, and Rex Splode. The Guardians of the Globe are also represented here, but you're probably going to want to keep them away from Omni-Man, if you're familiar with the source material. There's no release date yet for the game, but pre-registration is available now on the Invincible: Guarding the Globe website.

As for the animated series, season 2 of the show is scheduled to return in late 2023. The first season of Invincible was a faithful adaptation of the comic books and proved to be a big hit on Prime Video, leading Amazon to renew the Invincible for two more seasons.

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