Introducing the new GameSpot iPhone App

Find out all about the exciting new features available in the newly updated iPhone app, available on the App Store now.


It's been a long time coming, but we've finally released an updated--and much improved--iPhone app for GameSpot out into the wild.

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From the ground up, we've reimagined how our app looks and works, and we've added in a bunch of additional functionality. It's easier to find the content you're looking for than ever, and it's easier to share that content with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Download it today!

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What's New

  • Improved UI with less intrusive ads
  • New search that lets you find all of the content for a game in addition to the game itself
  • New reviews section to help you get to all of the latest reviews with their scores prominently displayed
  • New eSports section so you can stay up-to-date on the eSports world
  • Games section now includes a release calendar
  • News section allows you to more easily find and read the latest news headlines
  • Push notifications to keep you in the know about breaking news
  • Now easier to share content with friends through Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.
  • iOS 6 compatible, including full support for the iPhone 5 Retina screen

If you can take the time to review us in the App Store, we'd really appreciate it, and please feel free to post any feedback you may have below in the comments.


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