Interplay secures Hunter: The Reckoning license

The company plans to release games on multiple next-generation platforms based on White Wolf's Hunter: The Reckoning franchise.


Interplay has announced that it has secured the licensing rights to create games based on White Wolf's popular role-playing franchise, Hunter: The Reckoning. The multiyear agreement allows Interplay's Digital Mayhem division to develop and publish games based on characters and other elements from Hunter: The Reckoning's World of Darkness universe for multiple next-generation platforms. Specific console platforms were not revealed.

"The White Wolf entertainment properties include some of the most widely recognized role-playing adventures in the world,'' Jim Molitor, division director for Digital Mayhem, said. "We recognize the enormous following of this franchise and look forward to bringing our own brand of creativity and gaming expertise to this unique license. With Hunter, we have secured the newest offering from White Wolf, which is really taking off from a popularity standpoint. The premise and richness of this property make it uniquely suited for translations onto the next-generation video game systems."

White Wolf's pen-and-paper role-playing game has secured the company a 26 percent market share in the sector. It has shown collective book sales of 5.5 million copies. Digital Mayhem has published such games as Run Like Hell, Giants, and MDK2: Armageddon.

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