Infogrames Brings "The Ring" Stateside

Infogrames is bringing Asmik Ace's Japanese Dreamcast game, The Ring, to the US.


Infogrames announced today that it has claimed the stateside publishing rights for "The Ring: Terror's Realm," an action/adventure game developed by Japanese company Asmik Ace Entertainment. The title is loosely based on a popular line of Japanese comic books, movies, and TV shows of the same name. The gameplay is traditional survival horror, with the player taking control of a female lead character who has been mysteriously infected with a deadly computer virus. She has seven days to find the cure to this viral menace, or she will suffer the depths of the unearthly world of the Ring.

Overall, the game borrows sparingly from Capcom's Resident Evil series, with similar controls, gameplay, and inventory interface. Its dark, foreboding environments set the ideal stage for jump-out-of-your-seat survival horror gameplay.

"The intricately woven, terrifying plot of The Ring: Terror's Realm keeps you on the edge of your seat," said David Riley, Marketing Director for Infogrames' Action/Strategy Label. "Action/adventure fans across the board will be enthralled by this mind-numbingly addictive, graphically brilliant addition to the survival/horror genre."

The Ring: Terror's Realm will be released on the US Dreamcast this summer.

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