Infogrames announces Dungeons & Dragons Heroes

A new Dungeons & Dragons game is in development for the GameCube and the Xbox.


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Infogrames has officially announced that it is developing Dungeons & Dragons Heroes for the GameCube and the Xbox. One of the co-designers of Wizardry 8 , Brenda Brathwaite, will oversee the project. In this action adventure game, players will be able to select from one of four characters drawn from the major Dungeons & Dragons character classes such as fighter, cleric, wizard, and rogue. Each will have around 40 combat moves, as well as a variety of special attacks. The monsters in the game have been taken from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, while the skill, feat, and character building systems have been taken from the 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules.

Dungeons & Dragons Heroes is currently scheduled for release in the fall. We'll have more coverage on the game from E3.

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