Infamous 2 gets more preorder bonuses

Following game going gold, Sucker Punch details more perks for those who pick up PS3-exclusive action adventure in advance.


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Among the many detriments of the PlayStation Network outage, Sony and Sucker Punch have largely missed out on the hype built by a beta test for Infamous 2. While plans surrounding that test are still in flux, Sony will be motivating shoppers with a bonus preorder package for the electrically charged open-world action adventure.

Announced today, the new preorder pack augments the previously announced preorder incentives with four additional items. The Reaper skin lets gamers play through Infamous 2 as one of the superpowered evil beings from the original title. It also includes three in-game weapons: Sly's Cane (of Sly Cooper fame), the caveman club, and a samurai sword.

Messenger bags are fashionable even on the supreme evil.
Messenger bags are fashionable even on the supreme evil.

The four items are downloadable by way of a voucher obtained by preordering either the standard or $100 Hero Edition. Of note, gamers are running out of time to cash in on the preorder incentives. Earlier this week, Sony confirmed that Infamous 2 has gone gold in advance of its June 7 release date.

Those looking to catch up on the Infamous storyline may be pleased to know that the original Infamous is being offered as part of Sony's "Welcome Back" program. The game can be acquired once Sony relaunches the PlayStation Store, which will reportedly occur on May 24.

For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Infamous 2.

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