Indie Spotlight: Autumn Dynasty

This week we take a look at Autumn Dynasty, an entry in this year's 2010 IGF Student Competition. Check it out.


Autumn Dynasty

No Caption Provided Autumn Dynasty is a real-time strategy game set in a war-torn old Orient. You use a calligraphy paintbrush to order your units around the battlefield, hiding them in forests to surprise your enemies or around a mountain pass to outflank them. The art style resembles a 221 B.C Chinese painting, where everything is drawn in black or colored ink. The game is in its early builds, which means the gameplay is simple, unbalanced, and limited to AI skirmishes. With future releases planned, we see a lot of potential for a unique and fun RTS.

No Caption Provided

You can download this game and more at the GameSpot Downloads page. - MAM
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