Incoming Forces officially announced

Interplay announces its plans to publish the sequel to Incoming. Exclusive screenshots inside.


Though the game's existence has been known for some time, Incoming Forces has been officially announced, and will be published by Interplay. Incoming Forces will be the sequel to the 1998 arcade-style shooter, Incoming. Like its predecessor, Incoming Forces is an action game where players control 10 different types of vehicles, including tanks, gunships, and fighters. However, in the sequel, players now assume the role of the alien forces, which have been nearly crushed by the mighty human fleet. There are four planets in the game, all of which have been modeled with their own unique environmental effects, terrain, and objects. Incoming Forces includes a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode that supports deathmatch and team play.

Incoming Forces is scheduled for release in Q4 2001.

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