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In Princess Peach Showtime, The Monarch Gets New Abilities To Save A Theatrical World

See Peach as a swordfighter, a detective, and more.


In Princess Peach Showtime--the first game starring the iconic princess as the lead in nearly two decades--Peach must save multiple theatrical productions by transforming in to various new versions of herself with unique abilities. The new trailer showed off multiple of Princess Peach's potential transformations including Swordfighter Peach, Detective Peach, and Patisserie Peach.

Prompted by a Toad's invitation, Princess Peach decides to visit a show at the Sparkle Theater. The proceedings are interrupted by Grape and the Sour Bunch, who take over the theater. Teaming up with the theater's guardian, a living ribbon named Stella, Peach must defend the various theatrical productions from the Sour Bunch.

Each of the theater's productions are associated with a different outfit and ability set for Peach to wear. For example, in a Sleeping Beauty-like fairy tale level, Peach can become Swordfighter Peach. She can don a detective garp in a mysterious museum set, become a Patisserie chef for a bakery, and fight off the sour bunch as Kung Fu Peach. More transformations will be revealed as the game gets closer to release. Peach can also use the ribbon itself to fend off enemies and solve puzzles with her basic move set. While the game has a platformer core, it does seem to have puzzle and adventure game elements.

The last game to feature the princess in a leading role was Super Princess Peach for the Nintendo DS way back in 2005. Princess Peach Showtime releases on March 24, 2024 on Nintendo Switch.

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