Immortals Of Aveum Is Already On Sale For A Massive Discount

The first-person spell-slinging action game is available at almost half its regular price.


Between excellent remakes, surprise hit indie games, and the gaming industry duking it out with AAA blockbusters, some games were bound to get overlooked in a year of non-stop hits. Is the latest EA Originals game Immortals of Aveum one of those titles? That's up for debate, but it is a fact that the spell-slinging blaster did find itself sandwiched between Madden NFL 24, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, and Sea of Stars this year. That wasn't a good position for the game to be in, and if you've been curious about it, you can pick up Immortals of Aveum at a steeply discounted price about a month after its release.

Despite launching to underwhelming reviews, Immortals of Aveum quickly sold out at Amazon at this discounted $40 price point (normally $70). However, you can still grab it for $40 for PS5 or Xbox Series X at Best Buy.

As for those underwhelming reviews: Critics noted a repetitive selection of enemies to blast, an uninteresting protagonist, and an awkward control scheme, but it at least somewhat makes up for those issues with interesting lore, decent combat, and a cool spell system.

"At first, Immortals of Aveum pleasantly surprised me, putting a lot more stock into its narrative themes of environmentalism than I expected its wartime story to cover," Jordan Ramée wrote in GameSpot's 5/10 review. "The focus for this first-person shooter, however, is still on blasting baddies, albeit with a variety of bullet-inspired spells instead of traditional firearms. And although all the shooting is exciting for the first half of the game, it becomes increasingly annoying in the latter half when firefights get longer and more frequent."

Immortals of Aveum is exactly the type of new game that can benefit from a huge discount like this, because spending $40 for a game you may not like sounds a lot better than the full $70.

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