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Hyenas' New Map Is Open To Try This Weekend

Hyenas' new Plundership map, We Took Manhattan, is open for testing this weekend.


Hyenas is offering PC players the chance to play its brand-new Plundership map, We Took Manhattan, this weekend.

Alpha 1.11 begins on Friday, January 20 at 9 PT / 12 PM ET and ends Monday, January 23rd at 1 PT / 4 PM ET. During this time, players will be able to test out the newest We Took Manhattan map, which features New York references from the Brooklyn Bridge to Wall Street, with the map centerpiece being the Statue of Liberty, located in Liberty Hall.

The map reveal trailer shows the entire map is designed around New York City with motifs and references scattered about the environment. Featured is also the Kazt's deli, a replica of the real place in New York City. Around the new Plundership map, there are four cargo modules where CLOUT’s gig workers process the salvaged Merch. Each cargo module has its own unique landmark offering different cover and combat opportunities and allowing players to use their ZERO-G skills to best suit their build.

Developer Creative Assembly has also revealed the following three Alpha test dates for the coming months, which you can see below, and it looks like Weekend 3 will feature something related to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Hyenas PC Alpha Timeline:

  • Weekend 1 - January 20-23
  • Weekend 2 - February 17-20
  • Weekend 3 - March 10-13
  • Weekend 4 - March 31-April 3

PC players interested in taking part in Hyenas Alpha testing can sign up on the official website. The game will be arriving on Steam "soon" according to the developer.

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