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Humankind Delayed To August 2021 So Dev Can Respond To Feedback

Amplitude announces a delay to later in 2021 for the upcoming 4X strategy game.


Humankind, the 4X strategy game from Amplitude Studios, has been delayed from its previous April release date into August. The studio said it is taking extra time to implement changes based on the feedback of early players from the game's OpenDev program.

"Through the OpenDev program, you have given us invaluable feedback on the game. While Humankind is already a great game, many of you think it could be even better, and after analyzing all your great feedback, we realized that we could make even further improvements to make Humankind the best game that it can be," the studio said. "These improvements take time, however, so we have decided to move the release date."

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The new release date for Humankind is August 17, 2021. This is only actually a few months later than it was previously scheduled to launch, so don't expect any massive overhauls.

"This will give us time to further polish the game for a great day one experience, address the feedback from the OpenDev scenarios, and keep working with our community to improve the game," the studio said. "We want to thank you all for your passion for our dream, the feedback you have given, and the support for this decision many of you have already expressed."

Now until release, Amplitude will be focusing on improving Humankind's pacing and balancing across numerous gameplay systems and features, as well as further enhancing the game's diplomacy tools. The studio will also take more time to improve the onboarding experience, while the studio is looking to enhance the user interface and overall experience in various areas. You can read Amplitude's ridiculously in-depth blog post here to learn more.

Amplitude also released some early stats for Humankind from its OpenDev release, and this includes 26,000 games played, 2.7 million turns played, and 8.5 million districts built. Check out the infographic above to see more stats.

For more on Humankind, check out GameSpot's preview, Making History In Humankind Makes 4X Less Confusing.

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