Hulu Xbox 360-bound - Report

Video streaming service to begin charging, will come to Microsoft's console, Apple's iPad later this year, sources tell Reuters.


Since 2007, TV addicts everywhere have been able to get a free fix via the Hulu streaming service on their computers. Soon, they can on their Xbox 360 as well. Reuters reports that, as rumored, Microsoft is going to announce that the service is coming to the console, as well as Apple's iPad tablet computer. No date was mentioned for the announcement, but Microsoft's Electronic Entertainment Expo press briefing on Monday seems a likely candidate.

Coming Soon: TV on your Xbox 360...on your TV.
Coming Soon: TV on your Xbox 360...on your TV.

Unfortunately, it appears that Hulu will soon no longer be free. According to the news service's sources, Hulu will shortly begin charging for many of its hundreds of programs, although select new shows will remain gratis. Whether the joint venture between News Corp., NBC Universal, and Disney will charge a flat fee for the service or viewers will have to pay a la carte for single shows is unclear.

Reuters' sources also did not say if Hulu would charge an additional fee on the Xbox 360, although presumably the service will be available only to Xbox Live Gold members, who already pay $50 for a yearly subscription. Gold members can access Netflix video streaming at no additional cost from Microsoft but must already be subscribers to the DVD mail-rental company.

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