How To Start The Contract In GTA Online

Players will need a sizable seed investment to start GTA Online's latest expansion.


GTA Online's latest update, The Contract, is out starting today. Like the game's other content updates before it, The Contract offers players a chance to make money in some new ways, although this time they'll be working with real-life stars and one of GTA V's main characters, Franklin. All players will need is, in typical GTA Online fashion, a bit of cash to get started.

The first time players log in after downloading GTA Online's latest update, they should get a call from Lamar Davis, who tells them that they have a friend looking for work. That friend is Franklin, but to actually start working for the hustler-turned-executive, players will have to purchase an Agency property.

Agency properties are located across Los Santos and cost upwards of $2 million, requiring a pretty hefty investment from players to get started. Once an Agency building is purchased, players can head over and meet Franklin and begin some of The Contract's basic jobs, which task players with robbing targets or killing groups of enemies.

Players will have to purchase an Agency building to start The Contract
Players will have to purchase an Agency building to start The Contract

Contract jobs in The Contract aren't anything too special, usually throwing the player into a situation where they have to kill a group of enemies, bust into a safe, or find a lost item. The pay for these missions isn't too special either, rewarding players with tens of thousands of dollars, which, in the world of GTA Online, isn't all that much.

However, after completing a couple of basic contracts, players will be introduced to Dr. Dre and soon after have access to a line of high-paying missions.

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