How To Install The Halo Infinite Beta

Get into the Halo Infinite beta? Here's how to actually start playing.


The Halo Infinite beta (or technical test) is live now and running this weekend, giving you the chance to try out the game's new weapons and systems if you happened to get an invitation. However, the process for playing doesn't end with getting an invitation. You also have to install the Halo Infinite beta client, and that varies depending on where you're playing the game. Here's how to do it and get playing. Were it so easy? It's not that easy, but you can install it fairly quickly by following these steps.

Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Head to the Xbox Store from your console and search for the Xbox Insider Hub app, which you'll need to access beta apps. From here, go to Previews, choose Halo Infinite - Insider, and then register for the build.

From here, you should see a "Manage" prompt, after which you'll need to go through some terms and conditions before you can install the beta build. Once it's installed, you'll be able to access and run it just like you would any other game via the My Games & Apps section of the Xbox UI.


For PC, you'll be going through Steam. Using a key sent to you via Halo Waypoint (where you registered for the beta), sign into your Steam account and choose "Activate a Product on Steam" like you would with any other Steam code. Once you've entered the code you were given, you'll see Halo Infinite - Insider as a title within your game library.

Start the game and when prompted, make sure you use the same Xbox Live account you used when you registered for the beta. Once that's done, you're ready to play.

Halo Infinite will release this holiday season for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It features new accessibility settings that should make it easier to play for those with colorblindness.

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