How To Get More Ship Parts In Starfield For Ship Repairs

Ship Parts serve as a healing item for your ship in Starfield, but they can be quite scarce early on.


In Starfield, Bethesda's latest RPG, you'll likely spend a large amount of time flying around in your spaceship. Just like the playable character, spaceships have health bars, known as the hull, which will start to take damage in combat if the ship's shields are fully depleted. In order to repair your ship while in combat, you will need Ship Parts, which serve as the spaceship version of a medkit. However, these items can be hard to find, especially early on in Starfield, but there are a few vendors where you can purchase these items. Here's where you can buy Ship Parts in Starfield.

Where to buy Ship Parts in Starfield

Ship Parts can be found in the Aid section and typically cost about 1,000 credits.
Ship Parts can be found in the Aid section and typically cost about 1,000 credits.

An important thing to know is that Ship Parts are categorized as an aid item for some reason, so that's the section of the store you will want to check. Also, Ship Parts are heavy, coming in at 10 mass each, so make sure you have the weight available to carry them back to your ship.

As for vendors that sell Ship Parts, you will need to seek out actual storefronts as none of the Trade Authority Kiosks seem to sell them. Below is a quick list of vendors that sell Ship Parts on some of the main planets.

  • Shepard's General Store in Akila City
  • Newill's Goods in Neon City
  • UC Distribution Center in New Atlantis

You can also find Ship Parts at any in-person Trade Authority store, like the ones in Neon City, New Atlantis, Akila City, and on Mars, although their inventory seems to be inconsistent when it comes to Ship Parts.

There are a couple of other ways to find Ship Parts, although these options are much more inconsistent. Enemy ships may have Ship Parts available to loot after they have been destroyed. Sometimes you will find ships fighting when you enter a new area, if you destroy the enemy ships and keep the friendly ships intact, their pilots will ask if you need anything and Ship Parts is typically one of the options.

If you take hull damage and don't have any Ship Parts, you will need to land at a major spaceport and speak with the local ship technician to pay to have your ship repaired. For more, check out GameSpot's Starfield guides hub, including our complete list of the best Starfield ships to buy, earn, or steal.

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