How To Defeat Predator In Fortnite Season 5

Where to find and how to kill Predator for the Predator skin in Fortnite Season 5.


Fortnite's crossover event continues with this week's introduction of the Predator. The monster itself was added to the game on Wednesday with update v15.21. One of the newest challenges in Fortnite is to kill the Predator. Before you do that, however, you have to find the Predator, and since the creature can go nearly invisible, you might need a little help. Here's where to find and how to kill Predator in Fortnite Season 5.

Where to find the Predator

Remember where the Mysterious Pod was located for that challenge last week? You can find the Predator nearby within the Stealthy Stronghold region. Once you find him, you need to kill him in order to unlock the Predator skin if you have the Battle Pass. The Mysterious Pod's location is marked on the map below, so that's a good place to start. He has a cloaking device. Keep this in mind if you are having trouble locating him, particularly if you can't find him near the Mysterious Pod.

Fortnite: Mysterious Pod Location
Fortnite: Mysterious Pod Location

How to defeat Predator

The Predator can be a dangerous enemy, and this is made worse by the fact that he's within the walled-off Stealthy Stronghold region and can temporarily go invisible. Try to take him on from afar, as the damage you'll face up close can spell death very quickly.

What do I get for killing the Predator?

Killing the Predator unlocks Predator's Cloaking Device in Fortnite, which will briefly give you the same invisibility ability that the Predator has. You won't be completely invisible with it on, so you can still be spotted by other players. However, it will make you much less of a target in hectic battles. You'll also unlock the Predator skin if you have the Battle Pass.

Once you defeat the intergalactic hunter, the next step is to find Predator's apartment while wearing the Predator skin. Learn more about where to find it and what this challenge rewards you in our guide.

Since the Predator was introduced to the game, Fortnite has also add Sarah Connor and the T-800 from the Terminator franchise as skins with extra cosmetics. You can get them now and check out their look here.

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