How To Craft Explosives In V Rising

Explosives can completely alter how you approach combat in V Rising.


There are a variety of different ways to approach combat in V Rising. From several weapon types to vampiric abilities to varying weapon skills, players will have no shortage of customization available to them upon entering a fight with a mob of enemies or a boss. However, one combat method that some players might not even know exist is crafting and using explosives. Explosives aren't something that players have access to right off the bat in V Rising. In fact, it takes at least five or six hours before you can even gain the knowledge to craft explosives.

This process has become confusing for some members of the player base. Explosives are crafted through a specific station in one's castle but that station isn't unlocked until later on in the main story. If you want a simple and in-depth guide on crafting explosives in V Rising, keep reading the guide below.

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Crafting explosives

Explosives can only be crafted through the Alchemy Table station. This table is also used for brewing potions to use in combat or while traversing the expansive map. You will need to defeat the boss Clive the Firestarter in order to unlock the recipe for the Alchemy Table as well as the Minor Explosive Box, which is how you tote around your explosives in your inventory. We went over exactly how to find and defeat Clive the Firestarter in our previous guide about the Alchemy Table.

With Clive defeated, you can return to your castle and construct the Alchemy Table. You will need planks, sulphur, and blood essence to do so. You unlock the recipe for crafting sulphur by defeating Clive, so that shouldn't be an issue. All you need to do is mine sulphur ore and then insert it into your castle's furnace. With all of the materials gathered, place the Alchemy Table somewhere in your castle and then interact with it. Here, you can craft the Minor Explosive Box, which requires the following materials:

  • 4 whetstone
  • 8 planks
  • 8 sulphur

These materials aren't difficult to come by, but you might struggle to gather enough whetstones. If you need to know where to find more whetstones, you can check out our previous guide on the resource. Once the Minor Explosive Box is crafted, you can use the explosives inside to accomplish a variety of goals. Perhaps the best way to use explosives is to place them on the ground around your castle to ward off enemies. This is useful on both PvP and PvE servers.

Another use for explosives includes laying them on the ground during combat and luring enemies near them to deal a significant chunk of damage. Finally, the last way to utilize the explosives is to place them near ore veins to blow them up and save you the trouble of physically mining them. Although, you will eventually gain other ways to destroy ore deposits, so explosives will mainly be used for combat purposes during your time in V Rising.

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