How Quantum Break Benefited From Delay

"We were happy to take the extra time... as these are really changing, complicated projects always."


Quantum Break hits stores April 5, but it was originally slated to release last year. In an interview with MCV UK, creative director Sam Lake talked about why the delay happened and how the team benefited from the extra time.

"Quantum Break was delayed to 2016 because Microsoft wanted to stagger out its lineup of big games," Lake explained. "It was looking at its portfolio of upcoming games and [was] feeling that it would be foolish to have all of these bigger games come out at the same time, essentially fighting among themselves for the audience."

Lake says Remedy Entertainment was happy to take the extra time for polish as games like Quantum Break are always "really challenging, complicated projects."

"In a big game like this, the polish phase is absolutely essential. We were more than happy to take the extra time," he said. "That mainly resulted in a much higher level of polish and iteration and fine-tuning of the experience."

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Additionally, Lake talks about how the TV show side of the game came to be, and you can read the full interview over on MCV UK.

Quantum Break received a score of 6 in GameSpot's review, which said it can be interesting at times, but its impressive combat and great looks are hindered by a story with limited appeal and disappointing design choices.

Quantum Break game director Mikael Kasurinen said in an interview with GameSpot that the time-manipulating game is its "most ambitious" game yet. Lake also said he was "baffled" by the negative response to the game coming to PC.

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